JSN Elevators is established as a Registered Company in Hyderabad by a team of Technical and Commercial experts, who have worked in various local, national and reputed elevator companies for more than a decade, with the enterprise conception of "Intelligence, Environmental-Friendliness and Supreme Service" in the industry with a defined mission and vision to make their dreams come true in the lift industry.

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Reliability & Expertise

JSN efforts continue by sharing information from our Expert Engineers. Their extensive knowledge, advice and direction can help for a wide variety of your refurbishment and repair efforts. JSN prides itself on its outstanding service to its customers. Our quality products coupled with our highly-trained, intelligent, and caring staff put us above all the rest in terms of impeccable service. JSN provides parts and components for our different types of customers. Some larger installations can have escalators and elevators from many different primary manufacturers in a single building complex.

Quality Assurance

JSN Quality meets the requirement, expectation, and needs of the customer being free from defects, lacks and substantial variants. There are standards needs to follow to satisfy the customer requirements & Assurance provided by JSN, it means giving a positive declaration* on a product which obtains confidence for the outcome. It gives a security* that the product will work without any glitches as per the expectations or requests. JSN can be a one stop business partner providing complete end to end replacement parts solutions for all of these systems.

On-Site Support

JSN provides superior onsite technical support on a short or long term basis. We have accumulated an invaluable technical knowledge base and have developed industry methodologies and best practices with our engineers and technicians are very experienced and they will show up to your site and carry the tools necessary to resolve issues They will know your infrastructure and they are available at all times to keep your elevator system running at optimum levels with the best practices and efficiency.



It’s what we strive for in every project; no matter how big or small.

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